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Surgery Center

Eye Care of Maine Surgery Center

Our state-of-the-art surgery center is federally licensed, and maintains the highest standards of safety and patient care for cataract and other eye surgeries. Since its establishment in 2001, the surgery center has delivered care to thousands of patients. Our highly trained surgeons, board-certified nurse anesthetists and licensed nurses have extensive experience in treating adult eye problems with laser and traditional surgery.

The surgical suite is equipped with high-tech modern equipment including operating microscopes, lasers and a phacoemulsifier for cataract surgery. We can perform eye surgery with the utmost safety, while maintaining patient comfort. A recovery area, where patients rest for a brief period after surgery, is supervised by our nursing staff.

High Tech Surgeries at our Center

We offer a wide range of procedures, including eyelid and cataract surgery. Our cataract surgery is done with high-tech phacoemulsification equipment that uses ultrasonic sound waves to help break up the cataract into small pieces so it can be easily removed through a small incision. An intraocular lens (IOL) is then inserted to replace the focusing power of the natural lens. Sutures are generally not needed, and you can expect to see normally within a few days. We utilize topical anesthesia and sublingual medication as much as possible, rather than intravenous medication and needles.

In the surgery center, you will be prepped for surgery, undergo the surgical procedure, and be prepared for your return home with discharge instructions from our nurses. Some surgeries are rapid, such as cataract operations, and take as little as 10 minutes. You can expect to go home within one to two hours after arriving. We strive to offer personalized care in a warm, friendly environment, and to schedule surgeries at your convenience.

Cost and Convenience

Our cost is a fraction of a hospital’s surgery cost; we accept Medicaid (Maine Care) as well as all other insurance providers. Follow-up visits will be scheduled prior to your departure.

Our surgery center is centrally located at 325A Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville. We maintain a comfortable intimate setting with the utmost in privacy. Our aim is to provide the best surgical care possible. Our competent staff and doctors can answer your questions at our three locations.

Surgery Center Providers