Contact Lenses

Eye Care of Maine optometrists provide a wide range of contact lens services and products in all of our offices. Contact lenses are available to many people who have been told in the past that they were poor candidates because of dry eye, astigmatism, eye allergies or need for reading glasses or bifocals. A contact lens exam determines the correct contact lens fit to ensure comfort and good vision while maintaining proper eye health.

Do you have astigmatism?
Astigmatism (irregular corneal curvature) can blur vision at all distances. Disposable toric soft contact lenses correct this problem and are available in daily, two week, and monthly wear schedules.

Do you wear bifocal glasses or need reading glasses?
Multi-focal and monovision disposable soft contact lenses are available to correct distance and near vision simultaneously and are available in various wear schedules.

Do you have dry eye or eye allergies?
Contact lenses made of a new material, silicone hydrogel, are designed specifically for people with dry eyes, sensitive eyes or with eye allergies. Eye drops to treat dry eye and allergies which are safe for use with contact lenses are available. Preservative-free contact lens cleaning solutions may provide additional relief.

Do you want to change the color of your eyes?
Contact lenses which enhance or change the color of your eyes are available in a wide variety of prescriptions and wear schedules. They are also available without power for people who are not dependent upon glasses for good vision. We provide fitting of cosmetic contact lenses to improve the appearance of ocular surface abnormalities.

Do you wear hard contact lenses (RGP’s)?
Our optometrists are trained in the fitting and evaluation of hard contact lenses. We can also order new RGP’s from a current prescription from another doctor.