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Contact Lenses

Eye Care of Maine optometrists provide a wide range of contact lens services and products in all of our offices. Contacts can be a good substitute for eyeglasses depending on your prescription and your lifestyle, and we can even work to fit within your budget!  

Whether you are a regular contact lens wearer or want to try contacts for the first time, we are committed to helping you. We offer a full range of contact lenses, including newer models that allow nearly 100% of available oxygen to reach your eyes. These newer, breathable contact lenses are considerably more comfortable and healthier for your eyes. 

Today, contact lenses are available to many people who have been told in the past that they were poor candidates because of dry eye, astigmatism, eye allergies or need for reading glasses or bifocals. Our optometrists are also trained to fit specialty scleral lenses for Keratoconus and other corneal diseases. A contact lens exam determines the correct contact lens fit to ensure comfort and good vision while maintaining proper eye health. Contacts provide a safe and effective way to correct vision when used with care.

Contact lens fittings will likely involve one or more follow-up appointments so your doctor can be sure your lenses are fitting correctly. There is a separate fee for the initial fitting appointment based on the complexity of the fit. The initial fitting visit can take an hour, longer for a specialty lens fit, and will include instruction on inserting and removing the lenses from your eye, as well as how to properly care for your contact lenses. Additional fitting appointments may be necessary to finalize the lens fitting and to provide additional insertion and removal training if necessary. Once the prescription and fitting are finalized, payment in full is required prior to ordering a supply of lenses.

If you’re interested in contact lenses, please mention contacts when scheduling your annual eye exam so that you are scheduled with the appropriate provider and enough time for measuring and fitting the contacts.

Contact Lens Providers